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Rik van Veen (1989) is a sustainable designer based in Rotterdam. He graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy as a product designer in 2014, complementing a prior training in mechanical engineering. At his studio-workshop, Rik designs furniture and lighting by hands-on experimenting with waste materials and self-build machines.  

Any port in a storm, Backyard-S, Eindhoven NL
RoPlastic Prize finalists exhibition, Palazzo Bandello, Milan IT
Basketclub, Alcova, Milan IT

NEW CRAFTS, Microhal Lab, Eindhoven NL
SHIFTING TIME FRAMES, Mister Design, Den Bosch NL
Design fair, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam NL

1m2 Collective, Van Abbenmuseum, Eindhoven NL
How & Wow Bask it!, Microhal Lab, Eindhoven NL
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